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PCI DAQ - COMI-CP30x series (PCI Based Analog Output Board)

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COMIZOA Analogue Input board converts signal of sensors such as pressure sensor, flow master, load cell, laser sensor and displacement sensor which output electrical analogue signal to digital data so that computer can recognize and Analogue Output board is used to control pneumatic and torque.

Digital Input board is used to check digital output signal such as optical sensor and proximity sensor via computer.

Dedicated terminal or universal terminal (repeater board) and connection method can be used depending on analogue input or output board in use.

We support user with application for product test, wiring wizard program and manuals for H/W and S/W in multi-language (Korean, English, and Chinese) as well as various workbooks(C++, C-Builder, Delphi, C#) for software programmer.

  • PCI Bus based precision measuring DAQ Board
  • Supports Digital input/output, Analogue input/output, Counter and Serial communication
  • High speed analogue output
  • Supports WFG(Wave Form Generation) function
  • Stabilized input/output through separating the ground line



  • D/A 6 Channels
  • 8 Channels digital I/O



Maximum sampling rate 2㎲
Input voltage range -10V ~ +10V
A/D resolution 12bits(CP301) / 16bits(CP302)
Operating temperature / Humidity 0℃ ~ 50 ℃ / 5% ~ 85%, non-condensing
Dimension 160mm x 107mm
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