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-       Registered as Partnership Company of Samsung Display.(2013)

-       Selected as “The Best Firm” by Small & medium Business Administration.(2013)

-       Signed Corporate Partnership Agreement with Samsung Electronics and Samsung Electricity.(2013)

-       Patented for invention relating to gantry equipment.(2013)

-       Renewed Supply Agreement with IMARKET Korea.(2012)

-       Contracted for development of digital board for Eddy Current Testing for vaporizer.(KHNP)(2012)

-       Contracted for development of OHT for semi-conductor.(SFA)(2012)

-       Established subsidiary company (main business is developing S/W).(2011)

-       Selected as Excellent Company for employment by Daejeon Metropolitan City.(2011)

-       Selected as Prospective Company for export by Small & Medium Business Administration.(2009)

-       Selected as Enterprise specializing in parts/materials by Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy.(2008)

-       Patented for tester for semi-conductor wafer.(2008)

-       Established Incorporation in Shanghai, China.(2007)

-       CE certificated for all motion controllers.(2004)

-       Registered Programs (MotionBuilder , XMaster etc.)

-       Registered trade mark.(2003)

-       Selected as Prospective Small and Medium Enterprise by Daejeon Metropolitan City.(2002)

-       Recognized as Inno-Biz Enterprise by Small & Medium Business Administration.(2002)

-       Qualified for KS mark.(2002)

-       Established Company affiliated R&D Center.(2001)

-       Recognized as Venture Business.(2001)

-       Certificated ISO 9001.(2001)

-       Established COMIZOA Co., Ltd.(2000)


Detailed Company Information

  • Company NameKS Motors CO., LTD.
  • Business Type
  • Year Established
  • LocationSouth Korea
  • Main MarketsChina,Slovak
  • Total Employees 1-50 People
  • Homepage
  • PresidentMin, Kyung-Hoon
  • Phone+82-42-936-6500
  • FAX+82-42-936-6507
  • Address3F 691 Gwanpyeong-dong Yuseong-gu, Daejeon
  • Product Category Office & School Supplies > Electronic Dictionary

Additional Introduction

Comizoa Co., Ltd. specializes in the manufacture and export of computer measuring devices. More than half of the company's staff are professional research engineers using high accuracy PC-based data acquisition systems. The company produces an extensive range of data systems, including PCI/PXI data acquisition boards. From 2002, Comizoa Co., Ltd. will develop more specialized systems to generate high profits and to maximize the value of the company. The company possesses superior technology in digital electronics, computer science and factory automation and has received ISO 9001 certification from QA International. Established in 2000, Comizoa Co., Ltd. is a privately owned sole-proprietorship with registered capital of some US$200,000. The company employs a workforce of ten, including seven production engineers and two quality assurance staff. Investment in the company amounts to US$700,000 and annual revenues are around US$1,000,000, approximately 40 percent of which is accounted for by exports, the majority of which go to the Asia Pacific region.